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Denny Webb

Denny was a child with a natural talent for drawing & painting and would go on many adventures collecting flora and fauna to paint, she particularly loved collecting dead beetles, bees and butterflies in matchboxes to study and draw from life.


Art and botany were her passion and she trained in the sciences working for a number of years as a bench chemist in a quality control laboratory before moving on into the world of export, it wasn’t until she moved to the States in 2006 that she reconnected with her creativity and immersed herself in her art.


Denny trained with many of the top tutors in the Philadelphia area in watercolour, oil & mixed media and went professional within a year, which is when her inherent talent was quickly recognized and she was accepted into many prestigious art exhibitions including the Philadelphia watercolour society and the esteemed Philadelphia Sketch Club winning numerous prizes and building a name for herself in the American art world.

On moving back to the UK Denny was quickly offered a commission to paint a large number of paintings for a pharmaceutical regulatory company in Yorkshire on the theme of ‘the harmony between industry & nature’ which amalgamated her scientific knowledge and her creativity resulting in a diverse range of work on the theme which can be seen in the commission gallery.

Her paintings in the ‘origin of medicine’ series were highly acclaimed and even drew the attention of Bill Gates who was particularly impressed with her painting depicting the origin of quinine which is used to treat malaria.


Denny has since shown her work in Cork street London and has had the privilege to be accepted as a member of the Oxford Art Society; she shows her paintings around the country in galleries & exhibitions and has paintings in private collections worldwide

Currently Denny is working on a body of work that explores the concept of bringing the ‘outdoors inside’ by amalgamating quirky still lifes of her favourite teapots, jugs, flowers & ephemera with local landscapes, native British birds & wildlife.

These stylish contemporary paintings pull the viewer into a world of colourful harmony between the healing power of nature and the comfort of hearth & home.

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